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Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt

October 1st and 2nd 2016


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Working on my art

During Spring 2016, I created an artwork of the Mediterranean, in commission of 2 sons of an academic in the Arabic Literature, living in Lausanne, Switzerland, who speaks all languages which are spoken around this sea.



"Méditerranée" البحر الأبيض المتوسط


You are invited to visit me and to buy my art!

Follow the link to read the BLOG in which I describe what I will initiate in Jerusalem during 2015-2017

In connection with Jerusalem


Jerusalem Hug 2014

Jerusalem Hug 2014



International Day for Peace   September 21, 2013

International Day for Peace   September 21, 2013

Jerusalem Hug

Monday, June 24th  2013



On Saturday April 20, the first "DeSalon.TV" will be recorded. DeSalon.TV is a multimedia television program that focuses on the 'Baby Boomers'. This group includes all those who are born between 1945 and 1955. They were young in the 60s and 70s, but now they are becoming the older generation. How do they see their present and future? How do they keep their life enjoyable, meaningful and healthy?

DeSalon.TV informs and activates the Babyboomer of now leading a vital, conscious and active life.

Marianne Vreugdenhil and Rob Schrama present DeSalon.TV.They belong to the Baby Boom generation themselves and have experience with stimulating and activating their targetgroup. With visitors and guests they go into conversation on topics that relate to the Babyboomer from now.

In addition, performances , personal portraits will be shown and reports of initiatives undertaken or initiated by DeSalon.TV or by Baby Boomers Baby.
We organize flashmobs and Happenings, markets and squares, in swimming pools and gyms. We are popping up everywhere unexpectedly to dispose of everyday life, bringing the ideals of the Baby Boomers back to life



November 2012


Koningsstraat 37
1011 ET Amsterdam

opening: Saturday, November 3th 16:00 uur


Happening on the Water

a tribute to the famous Dutch artist Robert Jasper Grootveld

september 2012


Watch the NEW VIDEO about the PYRAMID OF LIGHT

Click here.


Already past!







Sunday, March 20th the Worldwide Hug will take place all over the world. We invite every person to join this initiative. Do you want to participate in the Worldwide Hug in your home town? Just invite your friends and focus on peace and unity in yourself, by singing, drumming, dancing and hugging together.


We all are part of the collective consciousness, in which everything is connected with the universal energy. We are able to heal our planet and unite everybody in peace and tolerance. So let us demonstrate our unity, showing our fellow-men that we all are One, no matter what kind of religion, race or culture we represent. We are able to love and respect each other.


The idea is as simple as it is effective: just hug!  When we hug each other we open our heart and we can feel the loving energy pounding between us. When we open our heart we unite our energy.


Be part of this event!

Be a witness of this event!


All the events will be broadcast through the internet, to watch, to be watched, to hug and to be hugged.


Go to:  

and forward this message to all your friends.


May Peace prevail on Earth


Rob Schrama