Pupils reflect on a new land in Lake Marken

Let the people just fantasize about the future Eurowood. How should it look like and in what way the future inhabitants should live? These are questions on which the children could find an answer best. After all, Eurowood is meant for the children of our children.

With the elaboration of the plans for Eurowood Ben Waalwijk and Rob Schrama involve pupils. In Lelystad, Almere and Hoorn they get in touch with secondary schools for the set up of education projects. The scholars may sort out in what way the idea of Eurowood can be give shape to. Its future has to be discovered and developed in the present and children are the most receptive for this.

Eurowood - educatie

In various ways, per example through the internet, pupils gather information about an ecological reliable construction of the new land and about the completion of it. Eurowood becomes an experimental garden for European cooperation and offers place to the best that has been produced through the cultures of Europe. The multicultural diversity of the European will get an optimal form there. The youngsters also approach specialists who may furnish a contribution to the formation of Eurowood. In this way an active communication and information network will arise, that will make a virtual construction of Eurowood possible.

Taking advantage of this knowledge, school classes will prepare ecological islands. These artworks consist of blocks packed up polystyrene foam, with a layer of earth and living plants on top of it and which will be moored in Lake Marken. On these floating islands cameras are mounted. Through the internet everybody can move these cameras and follow the growth of the new land. This island group will be expanded each year, by which in reality Eurowood will constantly grow somewhat bigger.

Are you interested in a special education project at your school? Please get in touch with Rob Schrama and Ben Waalwijk.