Lake Marken, located in the middle of the Netherlands, will get a new destination: Eurowood. The shape of Europe fits exactly in it. A miniature Europe of about 40 square kilometers in size will arise; a park in which the diversity of the European nature can be found again. Eurowood will not become a reclaimed piece of land, but a super mound with hills and valleys.

Europeans are allowed to adopt the new country and emphasize the landscape with the best that their own culture has to offer. Boundaries do not exist: all who wants to deliver a positive contribution to this experimental garden for a better world are welcome. With Eurowood the European thought becomes a concrete ideal to be aimed for; it stimulates the imagination and motivates into actions.

Together with Ben Waalwijk, moviemaker and musical leader of the ‘Ruigoord’ artists, Rob Schrama has since 1997 developed plans for the realization of a new country in Lake Marken. Life on our planet is in danger and Eurowood creates a green heart for all nations of Europe. By means of festivals, performances, lectures, and with meditation as a method for action, both artists manage to bring he interest from the media into their plans and obtain a growing number of supporters.



On June 21 1997, Eurowood is presented to the general public for the first time. As a nightly adventure, media artist Willem de Ridder draws the public into their cars for a journey to an unknown, new destination. Trough the car radio he gives instructions to the listeners.

The trip ends at sunrise on the dyke of the Flevopolder with an imaginary view at Eurowood. Here the public receives an information-leaflet about this coming country and together with Holland’s most famous conductor Geert van Tijn the Eurowood song is rehearsed and loudly sung by the audience.

Subtitle: the “Eurowood Journal”

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Informatie krantje Eurowood