In education Art-Confrontation joins the feeling of dissatisfaction that pupils have in regard to their school situation. The transformation potential of the human being will not be appealed to, if the school situation will be accepted as a constant factor. If pupils compare the actual situation with their fantasy, a change at school might be made. Art-Confrontation will stimulate the imagination of the pupils and will help to transform it into their reality.
Art-confrontation offers different forms of wall painting that may be executed by young persons.
Photo: International Centre for Celebration

For high schools The Art-Confrontation Foundation has developed the project “Image and Environment”, that fits in with the current perception of the environment of the pupil: the school. Their own experiences form the starting point. In what way pupils experience their school situation and what are their imaginations, wishes and needs regarding this? By means of “Image and Environment” the kids will be given the opportunity to judge their school environment in an esthetical way, in order to adjust it or denounce it playfully.

During a campaign against smoking at school, a giant cigarette is smoking out the entire school and takes a very angry teacher his photograph from the “Smoking Top 5.”