Pyramid of Light above Amsterdam
21 September : International day of Peace

Foto: Michael Jacobs


Thursday September 21 was the International Day of Peace. There were events in all the big cities in the world. In Amsterdam this happened on the roof of the NEMO science centre, under a pyramid of light.

At 9 o’clock p.m. 4 strong lasers beamed into the universe from the banks of the Oosterdok. They crossed paths above the roof of the NEMO science centre, which provided space for all the citizens of Amsterdam who has choosen for peace and toleration.

People from every culture and religion were invited. Meditating, singing, making music and dancing led to a special place of togetherness of multi-cultural Amsterdam, as an example to all the regions where people are fighting each other.

Foto: Michael Jacobs

The Jewish name for Amsterdam “Mokum” has for centuries now done honour to its Hebrew meaning of “safe haven”. The pyramid of light above NEMO, the roof of Amsterdam, symbolizes the unity of the city. Eventually a pyramid of light will have to appear above the roofs of the Old City of Jerusalem but so far this has not been permitted. That is why Rob Schrama will initiate several light-events in the near future in several cities with the citizens, who can thus show

that is possible to live with each other in peace.


                                              Foto: Michael Jacobs