Rob Schrama would like to realize a Pyramid of Light above the old city of Jerusalem.

From the angular points around the city wall of Jerusalem, four powerful laser beams will shoot their fluorescent green rays into the universe. They will cross each other on a height of more than 800 meters above the old city. From far and wide the rays can be seen and will attract the observers towards it. Three laser beams of Pyramid of Light are representing the world religions that consider Jerusalem as their holy capital; the 4th beam stands for all the other religions in the world that regard Jerusalem as a very important sacred place on earth. The beams of light will connect Earth with Heaven, mortality with eternity, humanity with God.

The laser beams form a pyramid, creating a sacred place to gather underneath. Exactly below the top of this light sculpture, at the crossing of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Armenian districts, the Rooftop Promenade is located. These Rooftops will be accessible during the whole night for everyone who wants to share his love and understanding for mankind with others.

By means of meditation and prayer, the participants will express their respect for each other. Positive energy will be released, which gives comfort and hope, and peace will grow in the hearts of the people.

The old city as a whole is a Temple of God; a centre for all religions and for all people in the world. That is what the Pyramid of Light symbolizes: We Are All One and Jerusalem stands open for All of Us.

The preference of Rob Schrama would be to see the Pyramid of Light as a

permanent feature above the Old City of Jerusalem.

The artist has been working on the idea for this immense light sculpture since the year of 2000. Until now he did not get a permission of the Municipality of Jerusalem to set up this Pyramid of Light.


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