Pyramid of Light above Central Park New York


During the Summer of 2012, a Pyramid of Light will appear above New York. The Pyramid of Light is a contemporary demonstration for peace, created by the Dutch artist Rob Schrama, which can be brought into realization in every city. A centralized open space forms the location. At the corners of this space 4 powerful laser beams are set up.

In New York this will happen above the Great Lawn in Central Park. In the evening hours the lasers will shoot their green fluorescent light into the universe and thus form a pyramid. From far and wide the rays can be seen and will attract the observers towards it. Underneath this light sculpture people transform their anxiety about the situation in the world into a positive manifestation for peace.

By means of meditation, singing mantras and making music, holding hands and giving hugs, the community of New York will celebrate peace together until sunrise. Positive energy will be released, which gives comfort and hope, and lets peace grow in the hearts of the people. This is meant as an example for all areas in the world where people are fighting each other.

Rob Schrama call ups all peacemakers, healers, musicians, dancers and singers of New York to participate on the Pyramid of light and to support the preparations of it.