Between Willems bridge and Erasmus bridge a Pyramid of Light will be erected above the river Nieuwe Maas with the aid of 4 laser-guns. It connects both parts of Rotterdam, North and South, above the water. The light will be ignited from memorable places, such as the monument for the Second World War, the monument in front of Shed 24, the monument of the Marine on Eastern Square and the Stieltjes Area with their houses of prayer. A sacred location in the heart of the city is arising. There will be room for all members of the community of Rotterdam who choose for peace and tolerance, and wish to share this feeling together. All religions and cultures will be invited to provide a contribution. Everybody brings a small light and a peace wish. Choirs and music groups will join in. Walking across the bridges and shores of the River Nieuwe Maas, the lights of the visitors will mark the basic lines of the pyramid.

The middle is the Northern Island. On the quays baskets of fire will be placed, around which people may lay down. With meditation, songs and music, the audience reinforces the Pyramid of Light with energy, completed with a light and sound performance on the water. The sculpture of light will express the unity of the city and its inhabitants. The community of Rotterdam will thus deliver a signal, to choose for the way of peace and tolerance.

In cooperation with the Rotterdam Counsel for Philosophy of Life and Religion a good date will be looked for, to accomplish this pyramid.

Everybody who wants to help to achieve a Pyramid of Light in his own surrounding area may contact the initiators, Rob Schrama and Guido Hoogenboom.