Engel van Amsterdam 2002

Mokum sets the peace process in motion.

The 10th of December is the Day of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights. If all people would put into practice these universal human rights immediately, there would be peace on earth everywhere.

Peace seems to be miles away in the Middle East. The peace process between Israelis and Palestinians is dragging along as a turtle with a gigantic pillar on his back. Exactly such a statue stands at the beginning of the “Jodenbreestraat” in Amsterdam. “Mokum” –the slang name for Amsterdam- means in Hebrew: the place where it happens. Every year, on the 10th December the time has come. Then the people of Amsterdam will take the initiative, to set the peace process afloat; from five minutes to twelve till five minutes after twelve o’clock it will happen. The Angel of Amsterdam ascends the pillar on the turtle and distributes the Universal Human Rights over the heads of the public. Around the sculpture lies a thick rope. Everybody is invited to pick up the rope with each other and to drag the statue to Jerusalem. On the stirred up tones of a klezmer band the audience is going on its way.

Jeanette Albers, Guido Hoogenboom, Ada Mulder and
Rob Schrama

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The Angel of Amsterdam
guards the Human Rights

A yearly happening
On the day of the Human Rights
10th December

engel van amstedam 2002


engel van amsterdam 2002