The bicycle is a much loved way of transportation in Amsterdam. Many inhabitants possess several. Often there is one rusting away uselessly on a chain or in the barn. 5 artists, who have their studios in the suburb Bijlmermeer, conclude that these bicycle wrecks may get a better destination. They call on all inhabitants of Amsterdam to turn in their old bicycle.

In the autumn of 2002 Jan Barug, Judigor, Chaim Oren, Rene Tosari and Rob Schrama, work on a bicycle metamorphosis of the apartment building “Grunder” in the Bijlmermeer. The bicycles are welded together to a gigantic sculpture, which dives with a huge curve into the building. The object is sprayed with gold color.

Inhabitants from the Bijlmer and from the rest of the town may help with the placing their bicycle into the monument. Also pupils from the “Augustinus College” lend a hand in the realization. Within their educational program they may assist with the welding of the bicycles. Chairman of the district Zuidoost, Mrs. Elvira Sweet has performed the suture of the last bicycle to the façade of the building.