Rob Schrama stimulated communities in Amsterdam (1987), Amersfoort (1992) en Santa Fe (1993) to write fiction and poetry.

In each person hides a poet that likes to express something to his fellow man. The process of writing and the transfer of it towards other people is an activity of which everybody gets enjoyment. Therefore Rob Schrama challenges all people in the city to get involved with the creative process of writing. Schools, cultural institutions and the media are approached with the request to join and make plans.

Streets are functioning as a blackboard and walls as a bulletin board. Groups of “guerrilla poets” suddenly turn up everywhere, to acquaint an unsuspecting audience with poetry in an original way. Newspapers and radio stations are receptive for different writing experiences with their public.

In a “wish tree” or on a “peace wall”, visitors hang their personal wishes and thoughts. In a poetry workshop everybody may think of poems and print texts themselves, both in a small or big format. All kinds of creative writing and printing are performed without effort. These texts are hung on gigantic “clotheslines”, by which the street scene transforms during the day in a living and ever changing book and the city becomes a refuge for each author and poet.

Amsterdam schrijft Amsterdam schrijft
amsterdam schrijft amsterdam schrijft
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amsterdam schrijft amsterdam schrijft


A “fax-art” communication with sister towns

dichter guerilla troepen trekken door de stad
“Guerilla poets” are marching trough the city

recording in a radiostudio

Photo: International Centre for Celebration Photo: International Centre for Celebration
Day of Poetry in Santa Fe